Your Blood Sings to Me by Thyra von Thozel: Complete


This is just a little summer fun. If you check here on Fanfic you`ll find a hilarious writer who calls himself Hans von Hozel. He`s written way over 200 stories. They are all very short, very funny, have a cute accent and usually end up with someone dying. Oh, and people tend to danube – his own work according to Urban Dictionary.

To celebrate this spectacular writer, VicVega66E-F-MSuki59 and yours truly have made aHans von Hozel challenge. Each week there`ll be a new topic for you to be inspired by to write your very own Hans von Hozel story. All accents are welcome. The challenge this week is LEMONS.

Check out the profile and the cute avi Peppermintyrose made for us. You always wanted to see Eric in lederhosen and Sookie in a dirndl, right?

This is the amazing banner she made:
I don`t own these characters. Charlaine Harris does. Though I`m not sure she`ll want them back after my mistreatment here.

Your blood sing to me by Thyra von Thozel

“Your blood sing to me,” said big Viking vampire. He was between legs of telepath lover.

“This is wrong vampire, Eric. Nothing blood sing to you,” said she, her big orgasm very close to come. “See at your skin. No sparkling. You are no Edward.”

“No matter,” said Viking vampire and bite voluptuous lover.

“Very sexy,” said telepath. “You make me to come when you bite.”

Viking vampire drinked a whole mass blood.

“STOP,” said telepath. “You drinked too many.”

Then she is dead.

“I told your blood sing to me,” said Viking vampire and wiped mouth.

But he had no sparkling.


Do you want to read more? Why not go to the source and read Hans von Hozel`s stories:  I can especially recommend the one about Let the Right One In.


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