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Scandinavians are afraid of Trump

It’s not just Scandinavians who are afraid of Donald Trump. People in all the European countries, except Russia, are afraid of Trump. Russians are positive to Donald Trump becoming president of the United States, which is probably one of the reasons for Scandinavians’ fear.


Bus in Copenhagen urging Americans in Denmark to vote – and not for Trump

A friend of mine asked me how Scandinavians felt about the two major candidates for the US election. I told her that it seemed to me that most Scandinavians didn’t understand how Donald Trump had become so popular in the US. We don’t want to explicitly say that we believe it’s because you’re a bit behind on the gender equality thing, but yeah, I suppose that’s what we think deep down. Sorry…

Only one Trump supporter in the Norwegian parliament

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any numbers to back my statement up with and my opinions on what my fellow Scandinavians think, are really just my opinions. The only number I did have was the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten who asked the 175 members of the Norwegian parliament and found only one who supported Trump. And he is a member of our far-right Progress party.

Now I have the numbers!

But now I have the numbers! Aftenposten, one of the largest (and a former conservative) papers in Norway published a European questionaire about the US election. To put it like that; Donald Trump is not going to be president in Europe anytime soon!

This is the lead Hillary Clinton has over Donald Trump in various countries. Portugal is on top at being Clinton-friendly/Trump-haters. Hillary Clinton wins in all countries, but one: Russia (in Norwegian: Russland). In Norway (in blue) Hillary Clinton has a 59% margin on Donald Trump. In Sweden Clinton wins with a 75% margin. That’s a bit more than the 3% margin she has in her own country.


Trump is only well liked in one country: Russia

We are afraid of Donald Trump

One of the reasons why we don’t want Trump as a president of the United States is probably the same reason Russians do want him. We see him as a friend of Russia and that he has turned his back on Europe. We also see him at completely incompetent, of course, but what we really feel towards Donald Trump is fear.


If Trump is elected president, which of these words would describe how you feel? Afraid (50%), disappointed (48%), sad (40%), angry (26%), pity (20%), entertained (14%), don’t care (8%), thrilled (4%), optimistic (4%), happy (3%), relieved (2%), none of these (2%), don’t know (7%)

Fifty percent of all Norwegians are afraid of Donald Trump as president. That’s a huge number! But it’s not a surprise since he’s uttered statements about pulling back from NATO and is seen as best pals with Putin – a president we’re also afraid of. And with good reason since we share a border with Russia and have seen what has happened in other countries that share borders with Russia.

There are other reasons to fear Trump when you live in Scandinavia. His stance on environmental issues, for instance. His opinions on climate changes do not find many friends in my part of the world. We need to do something NOW and that is not going to happen with a president who denies the problem.

What about Hillary?

Are Norwegians as concerned about Hillary Clinton as president of the United States? No, we’re not. If anything, we’re relieved if our friends across the Atlantic choose their first female president.


If Clinton is president, which of these words would best describe your feelings? Relief (57%), optimistic (29%), don’t care (21%), happy (21%), thrilled (11%), disappointed (8%), afraid (7 %), sad (7%), pity (7%), amused (5%), none of these (5%), angry (3%), don’t know (9%)

It seems the general consensus in Norway is #NotTrump.

Trump would be a terrible president

The rest of Europe seems to share that sentiment. In this poll, people from Denmark (Danmark), Great Britain (Storbritannia), Finland, Sweden (Sverige), Germany (Tyskland), France (Frankrike) and Norway (Norge) are asked, “What kind of president would Trump be?”

They could choose between Excellent (dark green), Good (light green), Average (light blue), Bad (light red), Terrible (dark red) and Don’t know (grey). I think it’s fair to state that Europeans think Trump would be a terrible president.


What kind of president would Trump be? The answer from Europe is “Terrible”

The question is, what do Americans think? I suppose we’ll have the answer on election day. I just hope that my American friends consider the rest of the world too when they are in the voting booth. We have a small stake in this too!

Happy voting!

All the numbers are from this newspaper article