Sookie the Shieldmaiden: In Process

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5 responses to “Sookie the Shieldmaiden: In Process

  • hcomet61282

    Are you going to write anymore? I am sad that there are no more updates…:( thanks

    • thyra10

      Oh, I am definitely going to finish this story. I`ve written a couple of chapters already but don`t want to post until I`ve finished the story so I`m sure I`m not going to take long breaks again.
      This autumn has been crazy – I hope to be able to write some during Christmas 🙂

  • gwynwyvar

    Hello hello 🙂
    Very much enjoying this story! Hope you are still being inspired by your muse, and am looking forward to when you can finish =D

    • thyra10

      I`m glad you`re enjoying the story. I am currently writing on it after a long hiatus and I hope to finish it very soon. I thought I was writing on the last chapter but it turned longer than expected but I am very close to finishing it. And when I`ve finished the story, I`ll post it ASAP 🙂

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