IKEA Naming their Furniture

Did you ever wonder how IKEA finds name for all the furniture they sell? They have Kramfors, Imfors, Håbol,  Leksvik, Hemnes, Sandnes, Roskilde, Björkudden, Kaustby, Helmer, Elmrik and many thousand more.

Well, wonder no more – it has been revealed. And Denmark is considering going to war with Sweden over it (not really, of course, but it`s been added to the list Swedish insults to Denmark).

Scandinavia and the World

Scandinavia and the World


IKEA`s name rules

These are the rules IKEA uses when the company finds names for new products:

  • Places in Sweden: Couches, low tables, storage boxes
  • Places in Norway: Beds, wardrobes, hall furniture
  • Places in Denmark: Rugs, mats
  • Places in Finland: Tables, chairs
  • Old male names: Pedestals on wheels
  • Urban male names: Office chairs
  • Islands, lakes, waters: Shelves, bathroom closets
  • Adjectives: Drawer interiors
  • Animals (their Swedish names): Products for kids

Denmark = a rug???

The reactions to this have mainly been Danish. Denmark is a rug? Denmark is something you walk on? Denmark is a doormat?

The official reply from IKEA to this is very diplomatic: We felt that Denmark is strong enough to carry us all. Those Swedes … cute as ever 🙂

Is this Denmark?

Is this Denmark?


IKEA has 9,500 different products and I have to add that there are exceptions to these rules, like the bookcase Billy (the name sounds very much like “billig”, which means cheap, and I suspect this is the reason for the name).

Read more about IKEA`s product names. (in Swedish).


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