I`m in love

Yes, yes, I`m married and not looking for anything on the side but you watch this and tell me that the Viking throwing axes here isn`t making your heart beat an extra beat:

Now you`re probably wondering what this silliness is – why are all these Americans going to Norway? This is a Norwegian feel-good reality about Norwegian-Americans – Americans with Norwegian roots – who come here to compete in “Norwegianess”. They are given traditional food to eat (yikes), skis to ski and various tasks to fulfill and the winner will meet his or her Norwegian relatives at the end of the series. It`s a popular show and they`ve tried to keep it nice and sweet and have the competitors be friends instead of enemies. I think two of the competitors even ended up as a couple.

My reason for watching this is simple: Alf.

If you thought Vikings disappeared around the 11th century then you`re quite wrong. This guy lives the Viking ideals to such a degree that you can`t be anything but impressed. He follows the old gods and seems very preoccupied with honor and doing the right thing. And he`s strong and emotional at the same time. He can even throw an axe – who can do that in 2012?

Alt for Norge Alf Herigstad

If you click here and on “Alf Herigstad”  you`ll find a little film where he talks about himself: Alf Herigstad

He is even writing Viking poetry (and talking about his trip to Norway) on his blog: Alf Herigstad`s blog

So now I only need to find a way to get my husband to braid his beard 🙂



20 responses to “I`m in love

  • EFM

    It’s very strange that Alan Carr has Norwegian roots;D
    Can I borrow the axe-man to sort out some people at work?

  • fffbone

    I want to see more on Alf. And I want a baby goat. The video is to short.

    • thyra10

      Yeah, the baby goat was cute and the video way too short. Unfortunately they haven`t posted anything more with Viking-Alf. But I can tell you that he`s brightening up my TV every Sunday night 🙂

  • airamlebasic

    Oh my, well too bad I don’t speak Norwegian :o/ but hey If I find me a german husband I will learn in a giffy lol

    • thyra10

      No Norwegian to a German husband 😉

      The good thing about Alf the Viking is that you don`t need to understand what he`s saying to enjoy the way he interacts with the other people on the show. *sigh*

      • airamlebasic

        lol I could never get the smileys right I meant this one :/
        Well I totally agree, too bad the video is too short. But would love to have a nice chat with him. I don’t have a lot of european friends or people, and as you can see, I am madly in love with Germany le sigh

      • thyra10

        Unfortunately the television company doesn`t post more on YouTube and noone else has either. So these small clips are all I have to show.
        I think you`re closer to the chat that I am since he lives in the US – though, almost as far from you as possible 😉
        I have a thing for the German language and a fascination with quite a few German authors, but I can`t say I`m in love with Germany as such. I`ve been there a lot, though, having grown up just an hour from the border to Germany. You should go there one day!

    • airamlebasic

      Oh I’ve there. The last time was 2007-2008

      My Nephew was living there so I took advantage of it. I also almost moved there but I didn’t worked out.

      Well I also send Alf a friend request in facebook. I kind of regret it believe it or not, I am shy, here and outside the internet world. But I hit the button and the friend request was sent and…He accepted so I will be able to see his videos of his adventures in his Viking world 🙂

      • thyra10

        Good for you!
        It would have been a big step for you to move there – I know I would prefer to go the other way when I wade through knee-deep snow in the winter 😉
        And good for you on that account too!

  • Alf Herigstad

    Hello, this is Alf. I am humbled by your kind words.
    Tusen takk

  • fffbone

    Awww bet ya love Alf even more. Very cool.

  • Brenda

    I can say that he is exactly as he protrays himself on the show, he is fun, and he is very wise and very humble and is very devoted to our gods and his family and freinds. He is Alf, always true to himself. A truly good and honest man.

    • thyra10

      I`m so glad to hear that 🙂 I hoped he wasn`t acting some role on the show and it`s nice to have this confirmed. Thank you!
      I`m not sure how far he went in the show (and you can`t tell me, obviously 😀 ) but I truly hope he won. And that he had a great experience, of course.
      Thank you for letting Norway borrow him for a while!

  • Brenda

    I love your blog 🙂 thank you for all your kind words!

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