Milk chocolate

I love Vikings and I love milk chocolate. No wonder this is my favorite commercial 😀

This one is cute too even if there are no Vikings in it.


7 responses to “Milk chocolate

  • AuntieL (Lynn)

    I’ve never seen either one. Funny!
    First one — ROFL! AWESOME!
    Second one — poor kid! LOL

  • fffbone

    LOL those are great. Oh the poor kid smashed her head with the helmet. That’s great.

  • thyra10

    And the chocolate brand is called Freia – perfect, huh?

    I think they are cute and funny and I did feel for the poor kid in the last one. Check out his helmet – her hair is still on it when he`s running home.

  • EFM

    We could totally be choc-choc friends as you can have all the milk and I’ll have all the plain:) Plus call me biased but I think Europe has the rest of the world beaten with our chocolate;)

    • thyra10

      Indeed. You can go from chocolate explosion to chocolate explosion when you travel Europe.
      Did I ever mention I`ve taken the Cadbury train? And I didn`t even bring kids so I could blame my childishness on them 🙂

      • EFM

        When I was a kid I would have given my right arm to live in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory lol 😀

      • thyra10

        Hehe, when I was a kid I hadn`t heard about WIlly Wonka and that was probably a good thing. It would have given me time-consuming day dreams if I`d read the story as a kid.

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