Where did the Vikings go?

I found this map in a school book and figured that it would be interesting for other people than school children. It`s a map of where the Vikings went and which Vikings went where. Like all things for children, this is simplified, but it`s still interesting.

As you can see, Vikings didn`t just go places. They settled too. The color of the settlements reflect where they came from.


2 responses to “Where did the Vikings go?

  • Anaman

    I remember from my classes back at university that they found old statues of buddhas in Sweden back from the Viking’s time! The teacher explained that the swedish vikings used their boats on rivers (smaller and easier to move) and may have sailed to Asia!!

  • thyra10

    I haven`t heard about Buddhas but they have found various items from Asia in Viking graves and villages. The Vikings did travel far and they were excellent tradesmen when they weren`t warriors (sometimes those two were just two sides of the same coin – plundering when they couldn`t trade and vice versa).

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