It`s probably hard to imagine the Longhouses many Vikings lived in if you`ve never been in one (or rather, a remake of one). I found a couple of pictures to help your imagination when you`re reading my Viking related stories. The houses were fairly large. The whole family and their animals lived there together so you can imagine the smell. But there was wisdom in this as the Scandinavian climate is harsh and often very cold. A person or an animal will radiate heat and thus they would all keep each other warm.




2 responses to “Longhouses

  • reefchic

    I love your history lessons. We should bring them out of your A/N at the end of your stories and post them here. They are so educational.

  • thyra10

    I think I`ll start all over instead. Do the gods and the history and the geography etc. I may need to start making sub-groups so people can find it all 😀

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