You have found the home of Thyra10 fanfiction for the Southern Vampire Mysteries.

We are in the process of copying all stories over from fanfiction.net .

We appreciate your patience during this time while we complete the process.

“Sookie the Shieldmaiden”, the current story in progress, has been copied in its entirety and is ready to be read.

Please subscribe to the email updates so that you will be notified when a story has been updated or posted.


2 responses to “Welcome

  • fffbone

    Hey, I found you. Waves hi. Does this mean your leaving FF.net? I love the roses shaped like a heart. Looks nice and cozy here.

  • thyradane

    Hey there,
    No, I`m not leaving FF.net. Not unless they throw me out 🙂 But Reefchic7 was so nice to offer to make me this pretty site and it was an offer I just couldn`t refuse.
    Yes, it is pretty, isn`t it? 🙂

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